These Are The Best Engagement Ring Styles For Non-Traditional Brides Trying To Find Something A Bit More Unique

Levon - - illustrative purposes only

So many little girls dream of what kind of engagement ring they’ll get when they’re ready to tie the knot.

Some women take tons of time to select the kind of engagement ring they want carefully and have their friends and family drop hints at their partner so they end up purchasing the right one.

Other brides go with their partners to a jeweler to ensure their engagement ring is exactly what they want. 

However, some brides struggle to figure out what kind of engagement ring they want to sport on their left ring finger, and those are usually brides looking for something a bit untraditional.

If the usual round or cushion-cut diamond with a simple silver or gold band isn’t cutting it for you and you want your engagement ring to be a bit more unique, don’t spend hours scrolling on Pinterest to find it. Here are a few ideas for you!

Double stones

If you’re having trouble deciding on one stone for your ring, try using two different stones! Rings with two contrasting stones are becoming more popular as they’re unique, special, and interesting to look at. 

Black diamonds

If you love wearing the color black or like to have a bit of an edge in your personal style, a black diamond could be a great choice for your engagement ring.

Levon – – illustrative purposes only

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