After She Found Out That Her Husband Was Having An Affair With Her Cousin, She Waited Six Months To Tell Her Family So Her Grandparents Would Take Away Her Cousin’s Inheritance And Give It To Her

Nikitas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In this woman’s family, her grandparents provide all of their grandchildren with enough money to purchase a home after their college graduations. The grandchildren have to pay for their own college educations.

Her older brother graduated with a bit of student loan debt, and once he paid it off, he had enough money to offer 50% of a down payment on a home. He also had enough money saved for an emergency fund.

She felt fortunate because she received both a scholarship and a bursary from her dad’s workplace. After graduation from college, she purchased a small home conveniently near public transportation so she could commute to work by train.

Several years later, she met the man who would become her husband. At their wedding, her husband met her cousin, Yvonne, who is incredibly pretty. Even though she’s confident about her own looks and doesn’t think she’s hideous, Yvonne is stunning.

“They started an affair about three months after the wedding. I found out because they are both stupid. I was hurt. But more than that, I was furious,” she said.

Her husband and Yvonne often texted each other throughout their affair, and he deleted the conversations from his phone. She and her husband shared a tablet, and his text exchanges with Yvonne showed up on the tablet before he deleted them off his phone. So, she was able to screenshot the texts to have for evidence in case her husband or Yvonne tried to deny their affair.

Once she discovered that her husband and Yvonne were engaging in an affair, her initial instinct was to file for divorce and kick her husband out of the house. However, she didn’t act for nearly half a year. A month before Yvonne graduated from college, she met up with her grandparents and cried hysterically.

She explained she’d only recently discovered that her husband and Yvonne were having an affair and that she was devastated her own cousin could do something like that. Her grandparents let her stay at their house for a couple of weeks. During that time, her husband tried to contact her, but she ignored him. Her grandma also assisted her with finding a divorce lawyer.

“My cousin has basically been shunned by the family now. My house was a premarital asset and was covered in our prenup. I gave my ex one month to move out,” she explained.

Nikitas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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