He Agreed To Let His Mom Stay At His House, But He Eventually Had To Kick Her Out Since She Kept Criticizing His Diet And Wasting All Of The Food In His Fridge

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Did you grow up with parents who were very passionate about making sure you were fed? Some parents can be a bit overbearing with making sure you’ve eaten enough, and although it’s usually an act of love, it can be annoying at times.

One man recently had to kick his mom out of his home during her recent visit because she kept cooking and wasting the food in his fridge.

His little sister, who lives a few blocks away, recently had a baby. Their mom wanted to come into town to visit the baby and help his sister, but his sister didn’t have enough room to host their mom, so he offered to let her stay at his apartment.

Although his mom planned to spend most of her time visiting his sister’s home, she was still very disruptive to his routine. 

He eats a specific diet, which involves eating most of his food at suppertime. He doesn’t have anything for breakfast but coffee and some fruit around lunchtime. The only time he eats breakfast is on the weekend.

He told his mom about his diet, but she found it unacceptable. So, on her first morning in town, his mom went through his fridge and cooked breakfast.

“I told her that I appreciate it, but that I don’t usually eat breakfast [and] she said that was stupid,” he said.

“I very clearly communicated to her that she was welcome to eat anything in my home, but to please not make me breakfast, as it was a waste. She made breakfast the following day. I walked out without eating it. I figured worst case scenario, I could eat it for supper, [but] she threw it out since I didn’t eat it.”

He told his mom he hated wasting food and asked her not to cook him breakfast and not to throw away any more perfectly good food. However, she didn’t listen and made breakfast, which went to waste two more times.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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