He Got Accused Of Playing Favorites After Buying His Younger Daughter A Car, So He Pulled Out Receipts And Listed Just How Much Money He Has Spent On His Eldest Daughter Over The Years

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If you’re a parent of kids a bit far apart in age, you’ve likely had to deal with your eldest accusing you of being more lenient, fun, or generous with your younger kids.

One man recently upset his oldest daughter after he pulled out receipts when she accused him of not spending as much money on her when he bought his youngest daughter a car.

He has two daughters, a 22-year-old and 18-year-old named Sally. His eldest daughter was difficult to raise over the years and was very destructive. He eventually learned she had behavioral problems, and he and his wife did their best to get her everything she needed.

Now, at 22, his eldest is finally getting her life back on track and preparing for college. Since Sally is 18, she’s also getting ready to go to college.

“Sally had it extremely rough growing up with her sister,” he said.

“They do not have a good relationship, but it is a million times better [now]. I am in family therapy with her. Sally has a lot of resentment of being in a shadow for her childhood. We both agree with this, [and] she brought up many times [how] we would drain all our money to help our oldest [daughter].”

Sally made a valid point in family therapy that because he and his wife spent so much of their money getting their older daughter help, they hardly had enough to spend on Sally over the years.

After he and his wife realized this, they decided they wanted to get Sally something she really wanted before she left for college. Sally had been wanting a car, so he and his wife said they’d get one for her.

“My oldest has been upset since,” he explained.

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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