After She Caught Her Husband Cheating, He Actually Wanted To Open Up Their Marriage To Keep Seeing His Affair Partner, So She Filed For Divorce But Is Still Being Painted As The Bad Guy

bnenin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman was recently trying to refinance the home she and her husband own, and she found out that he’d been giving another woman money. She started investigating his business finances and learned that he’d gone on two trips with this woman and went abroad with her, paying for this travel.

While her husband secretly took vacations with another woman, she cared for her stepchildren at home. She and her husband have been married and divorced twice before, and her husband had children with a previous partner.

“After the second trip out of the country, they called it quits after I caught them in the hotel together. Three months later, he asked to add a second wife, which is illegal in the states,” she said.

She and her husband dated for three years before getting married, and they’ve been married for three years. It was shocking to her that all of a sudden, her husband proclaimed he wasn’t monogamous when he’d always acted like he only wanted to be with one woman up until she caught him having an affair. He used to act like a devoted husband.

During an argument about the issue, he told her she’d be self-centered if she didn’t agree for him to add another partner to their relationship since he wouldn’t be content in a monogamous marriage. Her husband is aware of the fact that she filed for divorce from her ex-husbands because they were unfaithful to her.

She didn’t favor her husband bringing another woman into the relationship, but he wouldn’t back down from this demand. Since they couldn’t agree, she decided to move out and divorce him. Unfortunately, many people around her blame her because she didn’t try to resolve their differences.

“I raised his kids for the last six years, and I’m the only mom his youngest daughter knows. Their mom isn’t in their lives. She cries, saying, ‘I know Dad messed up, but can you come back home?'” she explained.

Her stepchildren’s godparents are church marriage counselors, and their godparents have pleaded with her to change her mind and reconcile with her husband. Unfortunately, her husband had an affair with a second woman before this most recent affair.

“He has apparently been cheating the whole six and a half years we’ve been together. How many chances do I need to give him? He says he loves me and wants to work things out with me,” she shared.

bnenin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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