He Never Told His Fiancée, Who Is Deathly Allergic To Peanuts, That He Also Has The Same Allergy, So Now She’s Furious That He Deceived Her For So Long

mary_markevich - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is currently engaged, and both he and his fiancée, Kate, have life-threatening food allergies. He is allergic to peanuts, while Kate is allergic to peanuts and dairy products.

So, Kate told him about her allergies when they first started dating about a year ago. At the time, she also asked if he was “okay” dealing with them.

He reassured her that he was, and together, they agreed to cook all of their food at home from scratch – making sure none of their meals contained either peanuts or dairy.

“Kate then went on about how her allergies affect every aspect of her life – from eating out to getting proper nutrition,” he recalled.

Yet, throughout this conversation, he didn’t once mention the fact that he had a peanut allergy, too.

Rather, he claimed that he was “going to” tell his fiancée when he was interrupted by an important work call.

“After that, the topic never…came up again. And for me, food allergies are just something we live with, not my entire identity,” he explained.

So, he and Kate just stuck to a peanut-free and diary-free diet at home. He would sometimes eat things like pizza or milk. But, he just always made sure to wash out his mouth before kissing his fiancée.

It’s now been a year since they started dating, though, and they are officially engaged. That’s why they celebrated with an engagement party, and during the event, his fiancée finally found out that he was also allergic to peanuts.

mary_markevich – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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