He Pursued A Woman Six Months Ago Who Wanted To Take Things Slow And Be Friends First, So He Started Dating Someone Else, And Now She’s Furious That He Moved On

kite_rin - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

About six months ago, this young man met and started casually seeing a new woman. From the start, they really hit it off, too.

So, once he realized that they “clicked” very well, he made sure to be upfront about what he was looking for – a relationship.

“I told her my intentions within the first few weeks,” he recalled.

However, at the time, the woman he was seeing claimed that she always preferred to “take things slow.” He was fine with that, too, and they moved along at a gradual pace.

But then, a while later, he finally tried to kiss her, and she rejected him – refusing to go that far.

“So we talked about it,” he explained, “And she reiterated she takes things slow and wanted to be friends first.”

Anyway, after that situation, he never tried to do anything else that might be considered “romantic” with her. And given the fact that they were just friends, he believed that he was still entitled to date around and see other people.

Before he even went through with his idea, he made sure to check with the woman one more time.

“I basically confirmed that we are just friends,” he said.

kite_rin – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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