He Thinks There’s Something Fishy Going On Between His Wife And His Long-Term Airbnb Tenant, But His Wife Just Keeps Calling Him Sick In The Head

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This 39-year-old man and his wife, 37, rent out a few houses as Airbnbs. A man in his 50s who’s been staying at one of their houses long-term seemed kind at first, but he started to grow concerned about this man when his wife informed him that the man had feelings for her.

The man flirted with her, told her he hoped to find a woman like her someday, and claimed he was attracted to Filipino women like her.

“As far as I know, he hasn’t made any advances toward her. However, I’m uncomfortable because when she introduced me to him, she didn’t tell him I was her husband,” he said.

Whenever his wife introduces him to people, she clarifies that he’s her husband. The day she introduced him to the long-term client, she faltered during the introduction and didn’t specify that he was her husband.

“She has been going over there by herself a lot to do certain projects like painting a wall or putting up wallpaper. I haven’t seen her go to any other house to do projects,” he explained.

He told his wife he thought it was weird, adding that if the roles were reversed and a female client seemed to have feelings for him, he wouldn’t go out of his way to go to the house alone to work on projects while the client was there. Plus, it would be perfectly understandable for his wife to feel uncomfortable with that scenario.

Many times, his wife informed him that she spoke with the man while she was at the house working on projects. When he first expressed his concerns about the situation, his wife accepted his perspective, but over time, she told him he acted like she was doing something wrong.

In response, he assured her he wasn’t blaming her for anything and had faith in her. Since he’s been cheated on in previous relationships, he acknowledged how persistent men can be, whether the person they’re pursuing is single or not.

“After explaining to her that I wasn’t accusing her, she became even more aggressive and said that I was sick in the head. I explained to her that it was a valid concern, and I was just concerned for her safety,” he shared.

slavun – – illustrative purposes only

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