He Feels Guilty For Helping His Elderly Neighbor With Dementia During A Tornado Scare

Halfpoint - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Yesterday, tornadoes and storms swept across the state where this man lives. As soon as he heard the tornado sirens in his town go off, he helped his wife into the basement.

However, he quickly saw that his elderly neighbor’s son wasn’t at home, and this woman has terrible dementia.

He made his way over to her house as quickly as he could, and he knocked on her front door nonstop until she finally opened it up.

He informed his neighbor that they needed to get to the bathroom quickly, as her home does not have a basement to shelter in.

“She was so confused…she asked me who I was several times, why I was there…I met her before her dementia took hold, but she didn’t remember me,” he explained.

“I tried to be gentle with what I said, but also tried to urge her along. We waited in the bathroom until the tornado was passed.”

“I had given her the phone, predialed 911 just in case there was going to be a problem so all she had to do was press send.”

He found her emergency contacts on the fridge, and he called up her granddaughter to let her know that she was alright.

He still couldn’t get a hold of his neighbor’s son, and his neighbor’s granddaughter was concerned about his safety.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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