He Threatened To Break Up With His Girlfriend If She Goes On A Week-Long Vacation With Her Male Best Friend Because He Knows The Guy Has A Thing For Her

Fxquadro - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four months ago, this 26-year-old man met his girlfriend, 24, and they started dating a month later. He works in finance and earns an impressive income. During childhood, he had a fairly normal life with his family and friends at school.

His girlfriend, on the other hand, struggled with addiction during high school, so she never graduated. She doesn’t have a job and is trying to get her GED. She’s also struggled with borderline personality disorder for years.

His girlfriend is very beautiful, which a lot of men also notice. She has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and has recently been getting help with recovery.

Over the weekend, he and his girlfriend hung out at her apartment (she lives by herself and is using her savings to pay for rent and other expenses). They were playing video games and talking, and she told him she was thinking about taking a trip to Vancouver with her male friend, D. She said she wanted to hang out with D for about a week while he finished getting his motorcycle license.

He pointed out that his girlfriend has brought up plans to hang out with male friends on other occasions since their relationship began. Several weeks ago, another one of her male friends, A, was at a group hangout with them.

She talked to A about how she hoped they could take a road trip together for a month during the summer. During conversations about D and A, his girlfriend has constantly assured him that her friendships with them are platonic, and he doesn’t have to worry about boundaries being crossed. She also reminded him of how much she cares for and loves him.

“These are two guys who either admitted they had feelings for her or found her attractive and made moves physically. I know that D has seen her without clothes on, at the very least,” he said.

The incident happened last summer at a chalet, and his girlfriend has been hesitant to tell him the full story, so he still doesn’t know the full details. Last summer, D also asked her out on a date. In the past, A told his girlfriend he thought she was good-looking and the type of woman he hoped to be with one day.

“I walked in on him taking her foot and massaging it while she was drunk at a party and asking her if it felt good. I was furious,” he explained.

Fxquadro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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