Her Fiancé Is Keeping Where He Lives And Works A Secret From Her, And They’re Getting Married In A Few Months

Sabrina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two and a half years ago, this 30-year-old woman met her 31-year-old fiancé, and they have been in a long-distance relationship ever since. They video call one another every single day.

Her fiancé lives in America, and she lives in Asia. Her fiancé has come to her country several times, and he knows where she lives and works.

For reference, she does have a corporate job making an excellent salary. While she does know the city where her fiancé lives and that he works as a software engineer, he’s actually been keeping exactly where he lives and works a secret from her.

Before they got engaged, she did ask her fiancé for his address, as she intended to send him a couple of gifts.

She says she’s thoughtful in general and likes to do things like this for her loved ones, but her fiancé refused to give her his address.

“Last night, I asked again, but he said he will tell me days before the wedding,” she explained. “I feel hurt about this because I have been very transparent with him with all the things he wants to know about me.”

“I think I deserve to know, and it is also an assurance for me that he has a decent job, not in [a] shady business or [that he] is hiding something from me.”

“We also agreed not to divulge each other’s salaries and savings until I move in with him, which I am okay with.”

“He is a great person, and I love him so much.”

Sabrina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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