She’s Spent Years Financially Supporting Her Husband, And She’s Tired Of It

Denira - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Six years ago, this 38-year-old woman got married to her husband, who is the same age as her, after six years of dating.

Ever since she entered into a relationship with her husband, she was always the breadwinner. He went back to school and she was happy to financially support him as he accomplished this goal.

But then, when her husband graduated a couple of years into dating, he couldn’t find a full-time job in his industry.

“This really hit his mental health hard, and I continued supporting him for a few more years,” she explained.

“Eventually, I got really fed up with this dynamic and insisted he start working about 4 years ago. In that time, he’s had a couple of part-time jobs, neither of which worked out long-term (not due to him, just unfortunate circumstances). ”

“After the first job went south, he was out of work for about a year before getting the next job. This one ended a few weeks ago. While I fully agree that the circumstances causing the end of this job were legitimate and not easily avoided, I begged him to start looking for jobs quickly, and he assured me he would.”

It has since been several weeks that her husband has been unemployed, and he has only applied to one single job.

While she works from home every day, her husband putters around with his various hobbies. Sometimes he does chores, but it only takes him half an hour or an hour to complete.

Any of the more time-consuming chores around the house don’t get done unless she does them or unless she nags her husband nonstop to do it himself.

Denira – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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