Her Mother-In-Law Is Throwing Her A Baby Shower And Wants To Invite Her Husband’s Ex, But She’s Just Not On Board

Anne Ponomarenko - - illustrative purposes only

This woman is pregnant, and her husband’s ex still has a close bond with his mother and extended family members. His ex is invited to a family get-together once a year, and everyone is civil toward his ex. Before she and her husband began dating, his ex was close with his family.

“She treats me coldly and pretends I’m not in the room. I don’t know if she’s malicious; she’s probably just awkward,” she said.

Unfortunately, her husband’s ex abused him during their relationship, but his mother isn’t aware of that. Recently, her mother-in-law told her she could host a baby shower for her.

Her mom abused her, so she thought it would be wonderful for somebody to host a baby shower, and she was greatly appreciative.

Her mother-in-law began organizing the shower and later messaged her to say she would invite her husband’s ex. She and her husband weren’t comfortable with this, so she messaged her mother-in-law to say they didn’t want her to invite her husband’s ex.

At first, her mother-in-law assured her that since it was her baby shower, she could make her own decisions about what she was and wasn’t comfortable with.

“Then, she sent three paragraphs about how our kids will grow up alongside his ex’s kids. She said his ex already purchased gifts for ‘this baby,'” she explained.

She clarified that her husband and his ex didn’t had no kids together. Toward the end of the lengthy message, her mother-in-law asked her to have her husband message his ex directly to inform her that she wasn’t invited to the shower.

She acknowledged that if she hosted her own baby shower, she wouldn’t invite her husband’s ex or discuss the shower with her.

Anne Ponomarenko – – illustrative purposes only

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