She Said Her Boyfriend Needed To Move Out If He Can’t Pay His Rent On Time Because She Feels Like She’s Getting Taken Advantage Of

simikov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Nowadays, anyone trying to rent an apartment or home knows how difficult and expensive it is. Some people are in very difficult places and can’t afford to pay certain monthly rent rates, which is fine, but common sense should tell you not to sign on to rent a home when you can’t afford it.

One woman recently had to tell her boyfriend he’d have to move out of her home if he couldn’t get his act together and pay rent on time every month.

She is 33 and has been with her 29-year-old boyfriend for two years. She has a great income and has been renting a nice home for a while. Five months ago, her boyfriend decided to move in with her and agreed to pay half the monthly rent and utilities, which is $1,200. 

She didn’t think that her boyfriend paying that much in rent would be that big of a deal, as although he doesn’t make as much money as her, he’d spend around $500 more a month while living on his own in a studio.

However, things started going downhill during his first month living with her.

“Several times in the last few months, he’s had trouble paying the rent on time,” she said.

“It started the first month he moved in with me. I’ve even tried to work with his paydays and let him pay half the rent every few weeks. I usually have to ask him for the rent when it’s due, which I hate doing, and find out he isn’t able to pay. The communication is also bad. He’s a great partner in every other way but is terrible at managing his money.”

She’s tried politely giving her boyfriend financial advice. She has offered to help him get his things together so he can pay rent on time and be more financially stable going forward, but he always blows her off and doesn’t take her seriously.

While she loves him and doesn’t want to break up with him, she feels taken advantage of and believes if he continues to do this, it’ll harm their relationship.

simikov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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