He Went Out Of Town And His Teen Daughter Threw A Big Party, So He Forced Her To Clean The Entire House The Next Morning

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When you were a teenager, did you ever get busted for throwing a party at your house while your parents were away? Did you ever lie and try to blame it on your friends and say they were the ones who invited too many people?

It’s a classic scenario for many parents of teenagers, and you have to be careful about how you react and discipline your kid the next day.

One man recently made his teenage daughter clean up his house after she threw a party while he was away on a business trip, and now his ex-wife, her mom, is accusing him of abusing her.

He’s 40 and has a 16-year-old daughter. He shares custody of her with his ex-wife, and she’s with him every other week. He has to travel for work occasionally, and sometimes, his daughter has asked to stay in his house alone while he’s gone to get some space. It’s worked out in the past, but it all fell apart recently.

A week ago, he left for a business trip that had him away for an entire week. Although his daughter was with her mom, she asked if she could stay at his house for a few nights that weekend.

“This has worked well before, so I let her, [but] we always have had rules,” he explained.

“She is to tell me if she has friends over, [there will be] no sudden parties and that she [has to tidy] up after herself. This has worked well before [as] I am not that strict. She is allowed to have friends over, and if she plans with me beforehand, she is allowed to have small parties or gatherings.”

This time, his daughter only mentioned having three friends over that Saturday night, and he approved. So you can imagine his surprise when his neighbor texted him around 11:00 pm and asked him to tell his daughter to turn her music down and get her friends to calm down.

When he texted his daughter to ensure everything was alright, she claimed her friends had just left, and she was about to go to bed. He sent that message to his neighbor, who then sent him a video of a bunch of cars parked outside his house, music blaring from the inside, and many kids inside and outside.

Stock PK – – illustrative purposes only

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