She Finally Reported A Coworker For Sleeping On The Job After She Covered For Them Multiple Times, But Now She’s Getting Accused Of Being A Backstabber

(JLco) Julia Amaral - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’m always in awe of women who continue to work in a corporate setting when they have newborn babies at home. The exhaustion is real, and it’s understandable that women want to take more time off to recover and care for their babies.

But if you choose to go back to work, you have to be ready to work, as some supervisors won’t always be sympathetic to what you’re going through.

One woman is feeling guilty after reporting her coworker, who recently had a baby, for sleeping on the job, as it was affecting several people’s work.

She’s 28 and works at a mid-size tech company. One of her coworkers is a 32-year-old woman named Lisa, who she works with often. Recently, Lisa had a new baby but decided to return to work, so she has a lot on her plate.

“[Lisa’s] been pretty open about how exhausted she is, she explained.

“About two months ago, I caught Lisa sleeping at her desk during lunch [and] I let it slide, figuring she needed a break. But then it started happening more frequently. She’d doze off during meetings, and a few times, she completely missed deadlines because she was sleeping. Since Lisa and I have always gotten along, I tried to cover for her [and] nudge her awake when necessary. [I] even took on some of her work to make sure projects didn’t fall behind. But last week, things hit a tipping point.”

Last week, she and Lisa had to give a very important presentation, and it was up to Lisa to take on most of the work.

However, 15 minutes before they were supposed to present, she found Lisa asleep in the break room. When she woke Lisa, she was super groggy and in no condition to present properly, so she did the entire thing on the fly.

After the meeting, she and Lisa’s bosses asked what happened, and she told them Lisa wasn’t feeling well so as not to throw her under the bus.

(JLco) Julia Amaral – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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