She Wants To Leave Her Boyfriend Because, While He Treats Her Well And Is A Great Father To Their Baby, He Has No Intentions Of Getting Married

Drazen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman, who is in her late 30s, was previously married to an abusive man for 13 years. Throughout their marriage, her now ex-husband didn’t have a job and expected her to pay all of their bills. He also didn’t contribute to the housework or childcare (they had several children together). Once her ex-husband started physically harming her, she filed for divorce.

She and her now-boyfriend, also in his late 30s, have been in a relationship for several years. Her boyfriend has also previously been married, and his now ex-wife had an affair not long after giving birth to their child. When she got pregnant with the man who she was having an affair with, she chose to stay with her affair partner, so he filed for divorce.

To save money, she and her boyfriend moved in together a year ago. Several months ago, she and her boyfriend had a baby boy together. It wasn’t planned, but they were thrilled to bring another child into the world. Not long ago, she mentioned marriage, and her boyfriend told her he didn’t want to get married again.

Since her boyfriend goofs around so often, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether he means what he’s saying. A couple of days ago, she decided to have a serious discussion and find out if he meant what he’d said about not wanting to get married again, and he clarified that he meant it.

“He told me that there is no desire for him to. I said, ‘Why? I need to know why.’ He said, ‘Marriage was not what I expected. I expected my wife to be faithful and there for me, but she wasn’t.’ In my opinion and interactions with her, she is a psycho control freak who wants things her way,” she said.

In response, she explained that she hoped to get married again, and she asked what would happen if continuing to date without the promise of a future marriage wouldn’t meet her needs. Her boyfriend doubled down and said she wouldn’t get what she wanted and that he wouldn’t marry her.

When he said that, she was exasperated and questioned whether he thought their relationship wasn’t permanent. He told her he didn’t think that way, pointing out that she was the one stating that their relationship wasn’t permanent.

“I have commented about being a placeholder until he finds his dream girl. He said, ‘There isn’t a point for me to get married. You live here, and we have a kid together. What else does there need to be?’ I asked him within OUR FIRST WEEK of dating if he ever wanted to get married again. He told me that if he found a girl to marry him,” she explained.

During this conversation early in their relationship, she expressed that she felt the same way and wanted to marry someone again if she met a man she was compatible with. After reminding her boyfriend of this discussion from when they first began dating, he claimed he didn’t recall saying he wanted to get married again.

Drazen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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