Her Sister Lied About Having An Emergency While Traveling Abroad And Borrowed $2,500 From Her, But Her Sister Really Just Got Scammed By A Guy Who Said He Was Going To Take Her To A “Romantic Island” With The Funds

liliyabatyrova - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Two weeks ago, this 21-year-old woman’s sister, Mae, 25, contacted her because she had an emergency while traveling overseas and couldn’t get home.

Mae asked if she could borrow $2,500, and since Mae sounded desperate and had never asked to borrow money, she agreed to send it.

At the time, Mae didn’t tell her what the emergency was but assured her she’d tell her the whole story once she was home. Mae added that she’d also pay her back once she was home.

After Mae made it home, she suggested giving her monthly payments over two years. She was stunned by this suggestion and questioned why she’d needed the money in the first place and why she needed two years to pay her back.

“She explained that she met a man there a few days into her trip, and he pretended to be in love with her and manipulated her into giving him $2,500 so he could take her to a romantic island,” she said.

Unfortunately, as soon as Mae withdrew the money and gave it to him, he disappeared. She had no idea where he went, and he hadn’t spoken to her since she gave him the money.

Mae explained that since she doesn’t earn a high income, it would take her a long time to pay back the $2,500 in full. She was furious when she heard why Mae asked her for the loan.

“I told her that she purposely misled me into thinking there was an emergency, and that’s why I sent her the money without thinking twice. I told her she knew that I wouldn’t have sent it if she told me the real reason and that she wouldn’t be able to pay me back immediately,” she explained.

Mae apologized and claimed she was devastated about being scammed by this man, and she said she couldn’t turn back time and do things differently.

liliyabatyrova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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