He’s Only Been Married For A Month And A Half, And He Can’t Stop Thinking About The Girl He Cheated With

romannoru - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For six years so far, this 31-year-old man has been with his 28-year-old wife, though they only tied the knot a month and a half ago.

He used to be head over heels in love with his wife, and when he proposed to her in February of last year, that was still the case.

Along the way, the newness and passion died out, but he says they were able to develop a profound and deep connection that replaced the honeymoon phase.

As soon as they got engaged, their relationship began to crumble. They began arguing over the littlest details, and the whole wedding planning process turned into a nightmare.

“We began to spend less and less time on dates and enjoying each other’s company, and the relationship kind of turned transactional,” he explained.

“It was all about achieving tasks for the wedding. Before getting engaged, I was completely certain about marrying this girl, but after all of this, I started doubting our relationship and our decision to marry.”

“After reading other people’s experiences online, I concluded that this was just part of the process of organizing a wedding for some couples, and in most of the cases I read about, things got better after the “big day.”

Several months into their engagement, he ended up meeting a 26-year-old girl at the gym. He was instantly attracted to her, and he could tell she liked him too.

Eventually, this girl asked him if he was in a relationship, and he lied to her and said that he did not have a girlfriend.

romannoru – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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