He’s Supposed To Be His Brother’s Best Man, And His Parents Want Him To Get His Brother To Call Off Or Postpone The Wedding

ASTRO - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

In less than two months, this 24-year-old guy’s older brother is getting married, and he’s supposed to be his best man.

At first, he really liked his brother’s fiancée. But ever since his brother got engaged, he can’t help but feel like his brother is about to marry the wrong woman.

And he’s not alone in this opinion; other people in their family agree with him and think this girl isn’t a great fit, especially since they have seen her true colors come out.

The worst part of the relationship is that his brother’s future in-laws always put him down, and his fiancée takes the side of her loved ones instead of sticking up for him.

“She NEVER has his back and expects him to bend over backward to satisfy her toxic family,” he explained.

“They constantly belittle him despite him being kind, smart, and successful. It infuriates my brother. However, he seems to think (or hope) they’ll lose their influence over her once she moves in with him after the wedding.”

His brother has not spent a ton of time around his future in-laws, so he thinks his brother is being delusional in expecting things to improve.

He doubts his brother understands how bad everything will be for the remainder of his life, and he believes his brother is completely in denial about how awful the reality of the situation is.

His brother is just blindly hoping it will all work out and magically get better, though that’s clearly not going to happen.

ASTRO – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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