He’s Thinking Of Calling Off His Engagement Because His Fiancée Is Suddenly Not On Board With Getting A Prenup, Even Though They Both Agreed On One Way Before He Proposed

DPN - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 25-year-old man has been dating Sophie, 24, for four years, and they got engaged in January.

They had numerous talks about marriage throughout their relationship. After he proposed, their families were thrilled, and everything was fantastic.

He and his parents own their own businesses and are incredibly successful. About two or three years ago, he was inspired by their business ventures and started his own business, too. Not long before he proposed to Sophie, his company started taking off.

“After the new wave of success, Sophie seemingly has started trying to wiggle out of the prenup, saying we don’t need one,” he said.

Since he and Sophie had talked about a prenup and were on the same wavelength before getting engaged, he was baffled by her sudden change of heart. He reminded her that she’d agreed to a prenup already, and she changed her tune.

The conversation ended, and he thought they were on the same page again. On Friday night, he and Sophie had dinner with their parents.

“All was well until Sophie’s mother brought up the prenup. She said it was unnecessary and ‘planning for the end before we’ve even begun,'” he explained.

His mother was about to jump in to argue, but his dad intervened and changed the topic to avoid an argument.

After dinner, his parents advised him not to marry Sophie or, at the very least, hold off until the prenup issue was resolved.

DPN – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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