His Stepdad Tried To Get His Cat Taken To The Pound As Punishment For His Bad Grade, So He Called His Stepdad A “Nauseating Piece Of Filth”

Volha Zaitsava - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

This young man is 19-years-old, and he only visits his mom about once a month. The rest of the time, he lives with his dad and attends college.

Yet, when he recently returned to his mom’s house and told her that he had received a grade of 72% on a midterm exam, she told her husband – his stepdad.

Then, his stepdad actually called his father and tried to get his pet cat taken to the pound as punishment for the bad grade!

Thankfully, his dad told him about what his stepdad attempted to pull – which allowed him to confront his stepdad.

Still, his stepdad didn’t even acknowledge doing anything wrong and instead claimed that he needed to be punished for “how poorly” he performed in school.

“I told my stepdad he has no right to interfere in my private life since I live with my dad and that he isn’t even paying for my university education. My dad is,” he recalled.

Then, he doubled down again and told his stepdad to mind his own business.

Well, this only made his stepdad more angry, and he was told that he needed to learn how to be more respectful.

“So I told my stepdad he should learn to not be a nauseating piece of filth,” he revealed.

Volha Zaitsava – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual cat

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