His Wife Has Been Skirting Her Household Chores While Trying To Become An Instagram Influencer For The Past Two Years, So He Finally Snapped And Said She’d Be Much More Useful If She Was Cooking And Cleaning

Monkey Business - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In this digital age, it isn’t uncommon for people to want to try and make money as an influencer online. However, many people eventually give up on that goal, as not everyone has what it takes to go viral and earn a living online.

One man recently snapped at his wife, who’s been spending less time taking care of their home and more time trying to make money as an Instagram influencer.

He’s 39 and has two young sons with his 36-year-old wife.

Two years ago, when their youngest was still an infant, his wife told him she wanted to try making money on Instagram by becoming a fitness influencer.

“I thought it was a fine idea, as she was home during the day and couldn’t work because our younger son was still too small,” he said.

“We’re fortunate that I make enough money to support our lifestyle comfortably, and I encouraged her to go for it. Unfortunately, in the past two years as a hopeful Instagram influencer, she has not made a single cent.”

His wife tried to market herself as a fitness influencer and made many workout videos for postpartum moms. When those didn’t get any views, she tried becoming a beauty influencer and made makeup tutorial videos. However, because so many people are making makeup videos worldwide, those fell flat as well.

Then, his wife moved on to making ‘day in my life’ videos, but those didn’t gain any traction online either. While he doesn’t have an issue with his wife trying to ‘make it’ online, he does have an issue with how she dedicates most of her free time to it. 

“She spends the overwhelming majority of her waking hours on Instagram and skirts her household responsibilities,” he said.

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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