Now That Paris Fashion Week Is Over, Here Are All The Outfit Ideas You Can Steal And Style To Make Your Own

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Paris Fashion Week has come and gone, and now, many fashionistas around the world have new outfits and couture inspiration to work from.

Typically, when we look at pictures of celebrities and models enjoying their time at fashion week, we feel as though we could never look as fabulous as they do.

Most average people don’t have the stylists or money to fund the fabulous looks people show off during fashion week. However, there are easy ways to emulate and channel the style you see during one of the most iconic fashion events of the year. Here’s how to do it.

Fur accessories

This year, there was a lot of fur or faux fur outerwear, like coats, jackets, and bags, worn by models and celebrities on and off the runway. Faux fur accessories are big in fashion right now, especially with the ‘mob wife aesthetic’ being so popular.  

For tips on styling a faux fur jacket or coat, read our article on them here!

Cinched jackets and blazers

A lot of models on the runway were rocking blazers and jackets with cinched-in waists. I mean, who doesn’t like a good cinched waist? These looks were especially unique, as something as structured and business-like as a blazer isn’t often associated with making you look ‘snatched.’ But in this instance, it was.

If you want to feel like you attended Paris Fashion Week in the flesh, search for some cinched jackets and blazers.

agcreativelab – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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