She And Her Friend Met A Famous Retired NBA Player Who Invited Them To His Penthouse Room Where Things Got Steamy, Although She Did Not Participate

4th Life Photography - - illustrative purposes only

For TikToker Olivia’s (@oliviabevibing) 21st birthday, her friend took her to New York City and booked a hotel room for them. After a celebratory night on the town, they returned to the hotel at two in the morning.

As they stepped into the elevator, two men walked in behind them. One of the guys was freakishly tall, and the second guy immediately started swooning over the tall one, asking if he could take a picture with him.

The tall guy denied his request, and then the second guy exited the elevator when it reached his floor, leaving Olivia and her friend alone with the tall guy.

The girls exchanged looks, wondering if the tall guy was famous. It turned out that the giant man was a retired NBA player who had played with a lot of well-known people throughout his career.

When the girls got off on their floor, the tall guy tagged along with them. He asked them if they wanted to go back to his penthouse room on the hotel’s top floor.

Olivia’s friend was super drunk and enthusiastically agreed. Not wanting to leave her friend alone with a stranger, even a famous one, she decided to go as well.

Once they got to his room, he started telling them stories about his celebrity friends and asking them personal questions.

Olivia had a boyfriend at the time, and she told him so, signaling to him that she was not available. Her friend was married, but she lied and said she was single.

Then, he informed them that he had a flight to catch at five in the morning and asked them to stay until he had to leave.

4th Life Photography – – illustrative purposes only

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