She And Her Mom Told Her Sister That Her Bad Hygiene And Unkempt Hair Was The Reason Why She Wasn’t Landing Any Internships During Law School, And Now Her Sister Won’t Speak To Them

However, when Mary came home complaining about not getting an internship at her law school and said it was unfair that some of her “incompetent” classmates did, her mom had to give her a reality check.

“Mom stopped sugarcoating and told Mary that she needed to fix her hair and start showering daily because she is never going to get hired by a law firm if she keeps looking unkempt the way she does right now,” she said.

“Mom and Mary got into a big argument over it. It got pretty heated, and they both said some things that were out of line.”

After her mom and Mary argued, Mary went to her separately and told her that their mom only cared about how they looked and was shallow. While she told Mary she agreed that their mom had said some harsh things, she told Mary she wasn’t shallow.

“Law is a profession where you are judged based on physical attributes like appearance and smell,” she told Mary.

“If you seem like you don’t take care of yourself, a client is going to assume you won’t take care of their case and will pick someone else. It doesn’t matter how competent you actually are. That’s just how it works.”

Mary became extremely angry and accused her of trying to “suck up” to their mom.

Since their argument, Mary has hardly spoken to her or their mom. She’s upset herself, as she only wants to help Mary and genuinely doesn’t believe she’ll get the job she deserves if she continues her habits. Mary is already getting help from a therapist but refuses to get help or accept constructive criticism from her family.

Should she feel bad for what she said to Mary, or was it a good thing to do as her sister?

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