She Asked Her Sister-In-Law To Buy Her A New Wedding Dress After She Ruined Hers By Turning It Into A Mini Dress

Yuliia - - illustrative purposes only

This 24-year-old woman is going to be marrying her fiancé, Adrien, 25, soon. She bought a gorgeous vintage wedding dress on eBay for $1,200, and the seller was a sweet elderly woman.

Her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Silena, 22, allowed her to temporarily keep the dress at her house because she and Adrien were going to be deep cleaning their closet.

She didn’t want the dress to be ruined during this, and she obviously didn’t want Adrien to see her dress. Plus, she only wanted close family and friends to see the dress in the first place.

A couple of days ago, after finishing cleaning their closet, she and Adrein went over to his sister’s house to get the dress.

She was thrilled to have the dress back at her house, especially because she wanted to show her mother what it looked like.

“To my shock and horror, Silena had, in her own words, modernized the dress while it was at her place. She had gutted it. It was essentially now a mini dress with barely any resemblance to what it previously was. I freaked out at her, saying she had no right to do that to my wedding dress and that she had ruined it,” she said.

In response, Silena defended her actions, claiming that she wanted to surprise her by altering the dress as a “pre-wedding/engagement gift.” Silena then attempted to convince Adrien to stand up for her, but he told her that this crossed the line.

“He sided with me, which surprised me because he’s pretty protective over her. We left without the dress, and Silena muttered about how she did me a favor,” she explained.

That night, she came up with the plan of asking Silena to foot the bill for a new wedding dress. Before she bought the vintage dress on eBay, there was another dress she’d been considering at the time, and it cost a bit less than the one she ended up purchasing.

Yuliia – – illustrative purposes only

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