She Declined To Be Her Cousin’s Maid Of Honor, Since She Thinks The Guy She’s Marrying Is Old And Gross

Ivan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Since high school, this 26-year-old woman and her cousin, Mia, 27, have had a close bond. Mia’s family is incredibly rich, and Mia will be inheriting her dad’s company several years from now.

Throughout high school, Mia dated a guy named Derek, 27, and everyone assumed they would get married someday.

However, Mia and Derek ended their relationship this past May. Then, in June, Mia began a new job to gain relevant work experience she’d be able to utilize once she took over her father’s company.

This was when she met a man named Mike, 47, who also happened to be the CEO of the company she started working for.

By July, Mia let her know that she and Mike were in a relationship, and in August, Mia was pregnant with Mike’s baby.

Mike proposed the day the two of them found out she was pregnant. When Mia told her about the engagement, she asked if she would be willing to be her maid of honor. Instead of immediately accepting Mia’s request, she asked if she could have some time and space to think it over first.

“Now, I understand it is her life, but her entire relationship with Mike makes me very uncomfortable. Not only does he have a daughter older than Mia, but the speed of the relationship, too. Mia doesn’t see anything wrong with it, but to me and a few of her other friends, it feels as if she is being used by him,” she said.

Mike and Mia’s wedding is already coming up quickly. Over Christmas, she got together with Mia, Mike, and all of his children.

Mike has twin sons, who are 26, and three daughters, who are 30, 21, and 17. After being around Mike and Mia and seeing their dynamic, it dawned on her that she didn’t feel comfortable going to the wedding at all, even as a guest.

Ivan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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