She Doesn’t Want To Invite Her Estranged Father And His Wife To Her Wedding

Ilya.K - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I’ve always felt for people who became estranged from one or both of their parents, who only show up for certain occasions and events instead of being there for them all the time.

One woman is caught up in some family drama after refusing to invite her estranged father and his wife to her wedding.

She’s 30 and will be marrying her fiancé later this year in a small wedding. They wanted the ceremony to be more low-key, and although they haven’t sent out their official invitations, everyone they plan on inviting already knows they’ll be attending.

While she isn’t close with her father, she is close with his mom, who is her grandmother. Because of the state of her relationship with her dad, she’s only invited her grandmother.

After her mom died when she was little, her mom’s sister took care of her and her brother while their dad tried to cope with the situation. They grew very close with their aunt, and she practically became their only parent.

But then, her dad got engaged to a new woman and moved her and her brother away from their aunt. He shut their aunt out of their lives and tried to cut off all contact with her.

She and her brother never bonded with their new stepmother and grew to resent their dad. Once they were 18, they moved out of his house and have been estranged from him ever since.

She had no plans to invite her dad to her wedding or even tell him about it, but he ended up finding out about it from a mutual friend who knew she was engaged.

“Once my dad found out I was getting married, he [started] talking to my grandmother and told her how badly he and his wife want to come and how sad they are that they have been removed completely from our lives,” she said.

Ilya.K – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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