She Doesn’t Want To Share Her Sizable Inheritance With Her Siblings, Since They Didn’t Help Care For Their Parents At All

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This 31-year-old woman came into a sizeable inheritance after her mom and dad sadly passed away.

She has older siblings who have since been pushing her to split the money equally among them all, but she doesn’t want to share her inheritance.

And she has a pretty good reason for wanting to keep the cash all to herself.

“…I’m the one who took care of our parents during their final years, sacrificing a lot of time and opportunities for my own career and personal life,” she explained.

“Growing up, my siblings were always busy with their own lives. They moved away for college, pursued successful careers, and rarely visited home.”

“Meanwhile, I chose to stay close to our parents, especially when their health started declining. I became their primary caregiver, managing their medical appointments, daily needs, and providing emotional support.”

Her siblings sometimes would contact their parents, but they didn’t do anything by way of caring for them as they declined.

Her siblings never stepped up to help, and they also didn’t give her any money to care for their parents either.

So, they did nothing for their parents, yet believe they’re still entitled to some kind of an inheritance.

SkyLine – – illustrative purposes only

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