She Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Exchanging Steamy Photos Of Her With Her Ex-Husband

Liubomir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Pretty recently, this 37-year-old woman came across steamy pictures of herself on her 40-year-old husband’s phone, and they were clearly screenshots of a video that she had made with her 42-year-old now ex-husband.

She has been married to her current husband for seven years, and she was married before him to her ex-husband for six years and six months.

Anyway, while she still had her husband’s phone in her hand, a notification popped up from her ex-husband, and she clicked on it to see what it was.

In hindsight, she almost wishes she never clicked to see, but she did. Her ex-husband had sent her husband side-by-side photos comparing some very private photos of her showing what she looked like before giving birth to her two children and what she looked like after.

She had no clue one of the photos even existed, but the second photo was from a video she had asked her husband to delete forever during their divorce process.

“I was completely shocked that he [my ex-husband] would be sending this to my current husband, and I wanted to contact him and give him a piece of my mind,” she explained.

“Then, out of habit, I scrolled up to previous messages and noticed that my current husband was not just a recipient of messages like this but also a contributor to them as well.”

There were tons of videos and photos her husband sent to her ex-husband that had clearly been made during some private moments between them, and obviously without her knowledge or consent.

From what she could determine, her current husband was the one who started this whole exchange, and it seemed like the two men were in some kind of bizarre competition to one-up the other.

Liubomir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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