She Got Rejected From Her Dream College, But She’s Upset That Her Spoiled Little Sister Got In

Adam Calaitzis - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Five years ago, this young woman was devastated when she got rejected from the college of her dreams.

She did get into plenty of other colleges she applied to, and the one she chose to go to in the end provided her with an amazing experience.

Looking back now, she doesn’t regret her choice, even though it wasn’t her dream college. But now that her spoiled little sister got into the college she wanted so badly to attend, she is not exactly happy.

She doesn’t think her little sister deserves to get admitted to such a prestigious school.

“I know that’s a horrible thing to say, but if you looked at my sister’s academic profile and my academic profile side by side, most people would agree that I was the better student when I was her age,” she explained.

“My GPA and standardized test scores were higher by a fairly decent margin. She did take one AP class while I chose to stick to the honors track, but she only got a 60 (which where we’re from is a D-, or to be more accurate, a generous F), and she got a 1 on the AP exam, so I can’t imagine that helped her application much. And we both had very similar extracurricular activities.”

“However (and here’s where I think the big difference comes in, that and the fact that maybe it’s gotten easier to get into this particular university since I was in high school), as I mentioned earlier, my younger sister has always been the golden child.”

Her mom and dad pulled out every single stop to allow her little sister to get ahead in life, but they never treated her the same.

Her parents spent loads of money so her sister could have private tutors and sports coaches. They also bought her sister the latest and greatest laptop for her to do her schoolwork on; and the list goes on.

Adam Calaitzis – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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