She Hates Her Dad And Stepmom Because They Had An Affair And Hurt Her Mom, So Whenever Her Stepmom Walks In The Room, She Blasts Songs About Cheaters

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old girl has three younger brothers, 13, 12, and 10. They lived a wonderful life with their parents, but one day, a little over two years ago, their family was ripped apart when their mother spotted her father at the church she’d been volunteering at.

Her father was at church with another woman, and the children he shared with this other woman. It turned out that her father had been having an affair with this woman for 14 years and had a secret second family. After 30 years of marriage, her mother and father divorced.

Tragically, her father was a neglectful parent, and it led to the horrific death of her younger sister. One day, when she was 4 and her sister was 2, her father was supposed to be watching them, but he wasn’t paying attention to them, so her sister drowned in a pool. The incident was ruled an accident, so her father didn’t receive any legal consequences.

After her father’s family learned of his affair, they disowned him. A month after the divorce was finalized, on the anniversary of her sister’s passing, her father married the woman he had an affair with. Over time, she and her brothers despised her father more and more.

“Our feelings and opinions were ignored, and when we refused to visit my dad, the courts threatened to give my dad full custody,” she said.

The courts claimed that if they refused to go along with their parents’ custody agreement, they may not be able to visit their mother moving forward. Their father has custody of them on weekends and some holidays. She and her siblings can’t stand their stepmother, and she refuses to speak to or interact with her stepmother’s six kids, whose ages range from 1 to 12.

“She has reprimanded us for this and took food, clothes, toys, and games away until we ‘submitted.’ I used to hoard food in my room,” she explained.

While staying at their father and stepmother’s house, she kept a hidden food stash in her bedroom and shared it with her youngest brother. They spent almost the entire time in their room until they had to leave to return to their mother’s house. Not long ago, her stepmother learned about the food she was hoarding and took the bedroom door off its hinges as punishment.

Their stepmother forced her and her brother to sleep in the living room and said that they couldn’t leave the room aside from bathroom breaks. She demanded that they ask her for permission before using the bathroom.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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