She Made Her Ex-Husband And His Affair Partner Look Like Fools In Front Of A Judge When They Dragged Her Back To Court Over Her Kids, But Her Former Mother-In-Law Scolded Her For It

When she and Liam were still together, they had a tradition of working with the kids to prepare a special day for each other’s birthdays. 

“It became a sweet little tradition where the kids ‘helped’ me cook for his [birthday], and he brought the kids to pick up my favorite takeout [for mine],” she said.

“We helped them shop for the birthday gifts as well. He expected this to continue after the divorce and for Jean to be included.”

Well, the kids sought help from her brother to help prepare for her birthday but refused to work with Jean for their dad’s or help him prepare for Jean’s. Liam became very angry and complained, telling her that she or her brother should encourage the kids to do things for his and Jean’s birthdays.

Liam claimed that the situation was an example of ‘parental alienation’ and took her to court over it.

“He filed a motion with the courts, and we [recently] had a court date where he was spewing all this nonsense,” she recalled.

“He made this claim that we had promised to continue this [tradition] for each other and that he held up his end until I refused. [He claimed] it was my wish to negatively influence his and Jean’s relationship with the kids. I let him do his ranting and raving and then showed documented proof that he was lying [via] texts and emails exchanged about this very topic.”

When she pulled out her evidence, Liam and Jean looked like fools in front of the judge, who dismissed Liam’s allegations and scolded him and Jean for their behavior.

Later that day, Liam’s mom went up to her and told her she could have saved everyone time and stopped Liam and Jean from looking so foolish if she had presented her evidence earlier instead of letting him rant and rave.

Was she wrong to present her evidence that way, or did Liam and Jean deserve the scolding they got?

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