She Told Her Son To Call Off His Wedding Because She Wants Him To Find A Woman Who Deserves Him

Fernando - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has a 31-year-old son named Peter, and in under three months, he’s marrying 29-year-old Ellie.

She has never liked Ellie or gotten close to her, even though Ellie has been with Peter for close to 7 years.

Ellie is not friendly at all, and she also has some serious concerns about how Ellie behaves. One example of Ellie’s poor behavior is from back when Ellie started dating Peter.

Peter was living with her back then, and Ellie would come on the weekends to visit. Ellie and Peter would cook dinner at her house, yet never invite her to have dinner with them.

“I found this to be incredibly rude, as it felt like they were excluding me in my own home,” she explained.

“There was also an incident where she was using the washing machine when it overflowed, which completely warped my hardwood floors and led to me having to cancel a dinner party I had been planning for weeks while I got someone out to fix them.”

“Over the years, she’s barely made an effort to get to know me, and every overture I’ve made has been rebuffed. I even made her a birthday dinner one year, and she said she felt sick, which delayed dinner for everyone else, and it was cold by the time she was “feeling better.”

When Peter proposed to Ellie, she was sad that Ellie failed to reach out to her. Then, she gave them a substantial sum of money to help them pay for their upcoming wedding, and she didn’t receive a thank you from Ellie.

Later on, during a phone call, Ellie briefly said thanks, but in a way that was utterly ungrateful.

Fernando – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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