She Wants To Ask Her Husband To Choose Between Her And His Female Friend, Who Keeps Randomly Showing Up At Their House And Invading Her Private Time Ever Since They Had Their First Baby

deagreez - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 29-year-old woman and her husband, Alex, who is 32, have been married for three years now. But, one of her husband’s female friends, Rachel, has really started to get on her nerves.

For some context, Rachel is 30 and has known her husband ever since they were in college together.

“Rachel has always been a part of Alex’s life, and I’ve never had any issues with their friendship,” she said.

But, after she and Alex recently welcomed their first baby girl into the world, everything changed.

Of course, she expected their lives to experience some significant changes after having a child. However, she never expected Rachel to start becoming a continuous presence in their lives.

Apparently, her husband’s friend has been going over their house practically every weekend over the past few months, ever since their daughter was born.

“Rachel’s there for hours, playing with our baby, offering parenting advice, and essentially becoming a regular fixture in our home,” she explained.

In the beginning, she didn’t mind the extra support, either. After a while, though, Rachel’s always being there began to make her feel very overwhelmed. At the end of the day, she realized that she wanted to spend more quality time with just her husband and their baby– without having a third adult constantly around.

So, she tried to broach the topic with Alex, but her husband actually just defended Rachel.

deagreez – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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