She’s Nervous About Inviting Her Friend On A Birthday Trip To Miami Because Her Friend Got Wasted On Her Birthday Last Year, Became Super Sick, And Actually Needed To Be Bathed By Her

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This 21-year-old woman is organizing a Miami, Florida, vacation for her birthday this year. Since last year, her friend Sarah has been gushing about how much she’s looking forward to the upcoming vacation, adding that she hopes she’ll be invited along.

She enjoys spending time with Sarah, who she described as a chatty person who’s a blast to hang out with. Unfortunately, she’s hesitant to invite Sarah on the trip, but she’s concerned that she’ll upset Sarah if she tells her she can’t come on this year’s trip.

Last year, she reserved a room at a fancy hotel for her 21st birthday. Sarah was on this trip and got so intoxicated and sick while they pre-gamed that she couldn’t go out on the town later. She bathed Sarah and cleaned up the mess, which included handwashing the hotel pillows, sheets, and towels.

Understandably, this wasn’t how she wanted to spend her birthday, and she had to clean up after Sarah for an hour before leaving the hotel to go out.

“She said it was due to her getting mad at her boyfriend and did admit it was on purpose,” she said.

When her best friend turned 21, their friend group went to New York City, and Sarah was also in attendance, which caused some issues. Sarah constantly complained about feeling exhausted, starved, and overheated and refused to eat, drink something, or go to their hotel to rest, which were all things she could have done to feel better.

“She seemed to bring the overall vibe of the weekend down. This was her first time traveling, and it was hard to tell if she was even having a good time,” she explained.

Because of Sarah’s negativity, her best friend wasn’t confident about following through with her ideas for things to do while in New York. In the past, Sarah has stated that she feels excluded when some of their friends hang out without her. Sarah is also diabetic and expects her friends to give her insulin when she’s too intoxicated to do so on her own.

“I am not hesitant whatsoever to help her if she needs it, but on a week-long trip to Miami, things could go very wrong if I or any of our friends are unable to care for her in that way,” she shared.

frank peters – – illustrative purposes only

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