She’s Sharing Her Tips On Staying Safe When Sleeping Alone On A Cruise Ship

Maridav - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

In today’s world, taking a few extra safety precautions wherever you go is never a bad idea. This is especially true if you’re traveling alone.

We’ve seen so many articles, blogs, and instructional videos about ways to keep yourself safe when sleeping alone in a hotel room or Airbnb. But what can you do if you’re sleeping in a cabin on your own on a cruise?

While most cruise line cabins are safe, it’s ideal to be as safe as possible when you’re in your room to prepare you for anything that may happen.

Thankfully, a TikTok creator has given her viewers some great tips on staying safe when sleeping alone in a cruise ship cabin.

Victoria (@victoriasway) is a content creator who specializes in safety and travel safety tip videos. She recently took a cruise with her family and used her trip as an opportunity to show her viewers a few easy ways to stay safe when sleeping on a cruise.

The first few steps to ensuring your cabin is extra safe are simple. Put your ‘do not disturb’ sign on the outside of the door, if possible, close the door’s peephole, and of course, lock all the door’s locks.

Additionally, if the door is next to a closet with a similar handle, Victoria shows her viewers how to rig another safety lock using two hangers and two rolled-up towels. Her method helps keep the door handles in place.

Victoria also travels with a door stop alarm. This alarm looks just like a wedged door stop, yet it makes an alarming noise whenever someone tries to force the door open. These alarms are super accessible and affordable on websites like Amazon.

Victoria also suggests taking a heavy piece of furniture from your room that you aren’t using, like a desk chair, and placing it in front of the door before bed.

Maridav – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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