The Guy She’s Been Dating Bought A $1 Million Dollar Home With His Female Best Friend And Lives There With Her

slavun - - illustrative purposes only

A couple of months ago, this 33-year-old woman met a guy a decade older than her online. They text or talk on the phone constantly, and they have been out on a couple of dates.

She thinks he’s incredible, and she can really see this man being her future husband one day.

However, there’s one thing about him that really makes her uneasy. About six months ago, he purchased a $1 million dollar home along with his very pretty female best friend.

As for how she found this all out, she was on Google and found the deed to his house, which lists his female best friend as a co-owner along with him.

So, the guy that she’s been seeing does live with his female best friend, but he doesn’t know that she knows he owns the house along with her.

This guy has been best friends with her for 12 years, and she has 2 kids that live in the house with them.

“I have never been to his house, and he says it’s because our relationship is new, and he feels more comfortable at my condo,” she explained.

“He seems uncomfortable when I bring her up he has accused me of being insecure.”

They even got into a fight when he learned that she started following his female best friend on social media.

slavun – – illustrative purposes only

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