These Alfredo Breadsticks Are So Good, They’re Main Course Material

TikTok - @mealsandmunchies

When regular breadsticks just won’t do the trick, shake things up with some Alfredo breadsticks instead.

It’s like getting a taste of pasta but in bread form. So naturally, the bread and pasta lovers in your family will be flocking toward this cheesy delight from all corners of the house.

Brooke (@mealsandmunchies) has a simple but appetizing recipe for Alfredo breadsticks on TikTok. The parsley combined with the rich and creamy sauce is pleasing both to the eye and your taste buds.

Start with some store-bought pizza dough and spread on four tablespoons of melted butter mixed with garlic salt and parsley flakes.

Then, apply some alfredo sauce from a jar on top.

You could also use homemade sauce, but Brooke is turning to store-bought Alfredo sauce to whip up a last-minute appetizer that tastes just like it’s made from scratch.

Next, grate parmesan cheese over the dough and sprinkle in some shredded mozzarella as well. Grating cheese by hand is time-consuming and laborious work.

For more efficiency and just better-shredded cheese in general, try grating your cheese with a food processor.

It’s much faster and easier!

TikTok – @mealsandmunchies

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