She Wore A White Dress To Her Cousin’s Wedding, And The Mother Of The Bride Was Furious With Her

AlexGukalovUkraine - - illustrative purposes only

According to the wedding traditions of the culture that this woman’s family is a part of, the bride wears green. She is in her mid-20s, and her cousin recently got married.

Because she grew up in the United States, she didn’t have any attire appropriate for a more traditional wedding in her family’s culture. So, she allowed her mother to choose what she would wear to the ceremony.

“She chose a traditional white abaya/robe-style dress with gold detailing. It was a very regular dress to wear to any traditional occasion or prayer, so I was not too concerned,” she said.

To feel more confident in her mother’s outfit choice, she checked with some of her other family members, and everyone she asked affirmed that this outfit would work, reminding her that the bride always wears green.

“That day, I did my hair and makeup the way I regularly would, kind of soft and natural. When I walked in, the mother of the bride was automatically furious. She escorted me out almost immediately. She sent me outside with some random children that happened to be walking by and told me that the kids were to stay outside,” she explained.

Since she was an adult, she didn’t understand what this woman was talking about. As she observed the venue from outside, she could see many other guests wandering around, both in and out of the venue, without a problem.

However, every time she attempted to go back inside (only because she had to use the bathroom), the bride’s mother would march up to her immediately and force her back outside the venue again. Later, she attempted to enter the venue to get a wedding favor because she saw other guests doing the same thing.

“She literally beelined toward me, grabbed it out of my hand, and said we were not allowed to have them yet when everyone around us literally had one in their hands. She then escorted me back outside. I would also like to mention that THERE WERE MULTIPLE OTHER WOMEN WEARING WHITE DRESSES,” she shared.

For this wedding, the bride was wearing green, as is their culture’s tradition, and it’s appropriate for guests to wear all sorts of other colors besides green.

AlexGukalovUkraine – – illustrative purposes only

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