These Are The Perfect Pizza And Wine Pairings For An Indulgent Night In, From Truffle Oil Pizza And Chardonnay To Pepperoni And Chianti

Mariia Korneeva - - illustrative purposes only

Do you ever have those simple yet extremely satisfying moments where you sit back and think, “This is what makes life worth living?”

For me, one of those moments includes sitting at home with great friends and enjoying a delicious pizza and a great bottle of wine. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that!

If you have an upcoming pizza or wine night or haven’t had that glorious combination in a long time and are ready to treat yourself, here are some great special pizza and wine pairings for your next pizza night.

Sausage and pesto pizza with pinot noir

I love sausage pizza and adding a bit of basil or pesto to it. It’s a delicious, rich, and savory combination that always hits.

A good bottle of pinot noir is great with this kind of pizza as it’ll bring out those rich flavors and wash them down with fresh and fruity notes.

A hot honey pizza and pinot grigio

Hot honey is an extremely popular condiment these days, especially for pizzas. I love it on a pizza with a special type of cheese like goat cheese or feta.

If you’re taking a walk on the wild side with hot honey, a refreshing and crisp pinot grigio can help you handle the spice while complimenting the sweeter flavor.

Mariia Korneeva – – illustrative purposes only

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