This Is How To Know It’s Time To Let Go And Say Goodbye To A Partner You Still Love

When you’re emotionally connected to your partner, you feel like you can be yourself and be fully vulnerable in front of them.

In a strong relationship, you should be able to express your emotions in front of your partner, no matter what those emotions are. You’ll know your relationship isn’t working when you can’t do that.

You’re aggressive with each other

Whether you’re passive-aggressive or just plain-aggressive with your partner, it’s not good. Anger and aggression are normal from time to time in any relationship, but if it’s happening often, your relationship is not in a viable place.

Why would you want to stay with someone you’re constantly butting heads with?

There’s no affection

Your partner can easily start to feel like a stranger when there’s no affection in your relationship. If you struggle to remember the last time you affectionately hugged or kissed your partner, not in a routine way, that clearly indicates that something isn’t working.

Like communication, people in healthy relationships rely on affection.

You’ve started longing for the single life

Here and there, people in serious, long-term relationships reminisce on their single days and miss the independence. But if you’ve been longing for the single life often and feel an urge to be independent and free to do what you want, it might be something you need to pursue instead of ignore.

These are just a few indicators that you may need to end your relationship, even if you still have feelings of love for your partner. I know it’s hard, but you shouldn’t have to stay in a relationship where you’re unhappy.

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