“Unexpected Red Theory” Says That Adding A Pop Of Red To Your Home Decor Will Immediately Elevate Your Living Space - - illustrative purposes only

In both the fashion and design worlds, the color red has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Red has long been associated with various emotions, ranging from passion and love to danger and aggression.

However, red can also bring in the element of surprise on the interior design side of things when it’s added to a room where it doesn’t match anything.

This idea is called the “unexpected red theory.” It’s unclear who coined the term, but a video by TikTok creator Taylor Migliazzo Simon (@intayriors) has gone viral. In the video, she explains that unexpected pops of red will elevate any living space instantly.

She showed a few examples of interiors, including a blue and green bathroom with red sinks, purple hallways with a massive red art print, and a red lighting fixture hanging over a burnt orange sofa.

She added that it wasn’t necessary for the red to be as bright and vibrant as a firetruck. Softer shades of burgundy, mauve, or even pink can make a room look more cohesive.

The uses of red in the examples she featured in her video are actually representative of color theory.

According to color theory, the position of primary colors on the color wheel indicates how well they pair together. The color combinations she pointed out—red and blue, red and green, and red and purple—all correspond well with each other.

Red can make a huge impact in a room, and it’s not just because of color theory.

When it’s unexpectedly introduced into an environment, it can elicit powerful psychological responses and influence human behavior in surprising ways. The sudden appearance of red has the strong ability to captivate attention and stir up emotions. – – illustrative purposes only

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