She Told Her Teen Son That If His Friend Ends Up Homeless, He Can’t Move In With Them

opolja - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It wasn’t too long ago when this 49-year-old woman discovered that her 16-year-old son Jack has a friend who might end up homeless.

Jack’s friend is named Brandon, and he’s the same age as Jack. Jack mentioned to her that Brandon’s mom and dad found out that Brandon was not behaving in a good way.

Brandon has been drinking, looking up very inappropriate things on the internet, and vaping. In an effort to correct his behavior, Brandon’s parents have stepped it up.

“Since then, they’ve tightened their control over Brandon, and he is struggling to adjust, given their previously laid-back parenting style,” she explained.

“Last night after dinner, Jack was telling his father and me about the situation Brandon is in and how he has become resentful of his parents.”

“Brandon even mentioned something about running away for more freedom to Jack and their other friends.”

She just lent an ear to Jack as he went on about Brandon. But then Jack said that if Brandon ended up running away, he was able to live with them, since they do have space available in their basement.

She was shocked by what Jack said, so she asked him to clarify. Jack then confessed that he had already told Brandon that if he ends up homeless, he’s welcome to come live with them.

She was really stunned that Jack would offer that up to Brandon without asking her and her husband first.

opolja – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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