She’s Being Called A Karen For Telling The Man Who Used To Live In Her Home That He Can’t Come Visit

benevolente - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman lives in a tiny rural town along with her husband and their daughter. They bought their current home around four or five years ago from an older couple who had two adult sons.

Their house has a lot of acreage, and it’s a gorgeous home. While she did get to meet the couple who used to live in her home before her, she never did meet their sons.

“It’s a very beautiful custom country French house that the man and his sons built themselves over the course of several years,” she explained.

“The house is very luxurious and so I can see how special it is for them.”

She was on social media yesterday, looking through the posts on a page dedicated to their town and updating residents on various things when she saw a post that caught her eye.

The man who posted was wondering how to get a hold of the owners of a particular home, and he gave out the address.

That was her exact address, and the man who posted stated that he wanted to visit the home so he could show his son where he lived as a kid.

Yet, he didn’t want to randomly show up at the home, especially since there is now a gate at the entrance to the property.

“A lot of people gave him ideas on how to look us up on the internet and find our phone numbers and contact us,” she said.

benevolente – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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