After He Helped His Friend Move Into A New Apartment, They Heard Chains Dragging Down The Hall And Smelled Something Rotting

vadim_key - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Several days ago, this man’s close friend, Scott, moved into a new apartment. Before the move, Scott asked if he could help him with the moving process over the weekend. He said he could since he assumed he’d only need to help for around an hour.

While he and Scott moved his belongings into the new apartment, something felt strange, as if someone was watching them. Since the building was quite old, they brushed the feeling aside and rationalized that they felt weird because it was an unfamiliar apartment, and they went on with the moving process.

After an hour, they finished bringing all of Scott’s stuff into the apartment, and Scott suggested he hang out and watch a movie. They fell asleep watching the movie because it was so late and they were tired from moving.

“We were awoken to one of the worst smells I think I’ve ever come across. Both Scott and I are hunters and knew what the smell was: rotting animal flesh,” he said.

The entire apartment stunk and smelled awful, but the smell completely evaporated moments later. They were terrified by the experience. The following day, Scott wanted to solve the mystery of the horrendous smell, so he informed his new landlord and suggested that a creature might have crawled into the ventilation and passed away.

However, when the landlord requested someone to inspect Scott’s apartment, the man who checked out his place didn’t find anything. While at work, he called Scott to ask if anything else strange happened, like the first night at the new apartment.

“He said he kept hearing knocking sounds in the walls, and things around the house were misplaced. He asked me to come back over that night,” he explained.

Once he arrived at Scott’s apartment, it was late at night, and he felt nervous and uncomfortable the moment he got there. Even though the apartment didn’t smell terrible like the previous night, he and Scott still had a strange feeling.

But they tried to brush the spooky experience aside and told themselves it had all been their imagination playing tricks on them. They were exhausted and wanted to go to sleep.

vadim_key – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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