After Her Boyfriend Fired His Maid, This Woman Revealed He Had A One-Night Stand

shintartanya - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 33-year-old woman met her 34-year-old boyfriend on a dating website, and they have been together for one year and two months. Everything is pretty great, and they never have any arguments.

After they celebrated their anniversary, she moved in with her boyfriend, and they are currently living together. She still pays rent on her own place though, and she works from home.

Her boyfriend has a maid who comes in three times every week to clean his place, and every time she comes she’s there for around three hours.

“[The] maid and I are friendly and chatty (my work isn’t meeting-heavy); I know about her kid’s autism, and she knows about my fear of being cheated on,” she explained.

“[My boyfriend] fired [the] maid today (she again asked for a raise when he asked her to do what she deems deep cleaning) and then left for work.”

“I stayed, and the maid asked, “Are you in an open relationship?” I said no and asked why…”

Well, the maid revealed that just before she moved in with her boyfriend, she caught him having a one-night stand.

When the maid got to her boyfriend’s place that morning, she saw he was with a girl who then left in a hurry, and she has not seen the girl since.

The maid also made an interesting discovery that day in the bed while cleaning later on, which absolutely points to her boyfriend having done some spicy things with someone else.

shintartanya – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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