He Never Believed In The Paranormal Until He Had A Terrifying Encounter With The Ghost Of His Neighbor

Carrie - - illustrative purposes only

Several years ago, this man was young and immature. He always mocked people who believe in aliens, ghosts, or anything else paranormal or unexplained. All he cared about was drinking with his friends at the bar, and he wasn’t open to other people’s perspectives.

One day, a situation made him change his mind completely. After that, he felt sure that spirits and the paranormal existed.

At the time, he lived at his ex-girlfriend’s house. A large house on the corner of the street had a tall fence around it. There was a smaller gate in the middle of the property, and passersby could peer into the homeowner’s immaculate garden.

“An old woman lived there alone and could often be seen pottering around in her garden, though most of her time outdoors would be spent behind the little gate between the fences,” he said.

He and his ex-girlfriend saw this elderly woman outside constantly. She’d talk with neighbors or wander down the street. While he never spoke to this neighbor, he always saw her.

One night, at about 10:30 p.m., he drove to his ex’s house after hanging out with a friend. Since it was pretty late, it was pitch-black outside. He parked on the street near the old woman’s house, and it initially felt like an ordinary night.

“As I close my car door and lock it, I notice a bright light coming from the gate. I look and see a full apparition of this old woman. It was her, but it was like a foggy, translucent figure of hers giving off a pretty big amount of white light. The fence was even illuminated by the light she was radiating!” he explained.

As this was happening, the woman was facing away from him, but she suddenly turned in his direction and looked directly at him. Once she turned to face him, she moved behind the fence. However, she didn’t move like a normal person would have.

It was as if she floated off to the side like she was levitating above the ground. Because he was still a rational, logical thinker, he tried to rationalize what he’d seen as just a figment of his imagination. After the strange incident, he walked into his ex-girlfriend’s house.

Carrie – – illustrative purposes only

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