He Put His Wedding On Hold After Finding Out That His Fiancée Cheated On Him Six Years Ago

Yaroslav Astakhov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Just over six years ago, this 30-year-old guy graduated from college and started a job in a new city. His 28-year-old fiancée was only his girlfriend back then, and she was still in college.

His fiancée was always kind and loving, and she said she was so impressed, as well as obsessed, with him.

About a year before he graduated, he learned his fiancée had an older guy friend who ended up being in love with her.

She told this guy that she was in a committed relationship and created some space between them after he confessed his true feelings for her.

Anyway, after he graduated and started his first job, it was hard on him and his fiancée. His fiancée was upset with him for not helping her with her college work, and she was also disappointed that they couldn’t spend as much time together.

Several weeks into his job, his fiancée mentioned she was going to ask that questionable older guy friend to help her out with her college workload. He begged her not to do it, and then she became really cold and distant with him.

Four months after that, he got a strange message from a random anonymous account saying something like you might believe you’re a smart guy, but there is always someone more intelligent than you.

He guessed this had to be his fiancée’s older guy friend, and he showed her the message. She admitted after a few days that she had asked this friend to help her with her work, but then he began saying he was in love with her, so she created some space between them.

She pointed out that her friend had to be furious with her for the whole situation, which would explain the cryptic message.

Yaroslav Astakhov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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